UV protection window film

UV Films and the Advantages of its Use

The electromagnetic spectrum has different wavelengths and one of these wavelengths is the UV radiation. UV radiation is a bit shorter than the wavelength of visible light. However, it is a bit longer than that of X-rays. UV radiation is part and parcel of sunlight. Hence, if you are exposed to sunlight, you are also …read in detail

solar safety film

Making Glassworks Safe

You would surely be amazed at the elaborate glassworks of modern skyscrapers and buildings, and surely, you would also be amused at how glassworks can readily provide buildings with elegant looks, both from the inside and from outside. However, glassworks on your windows can also readily create an obstructed view of your lawn, neighborhoods, and …read in detail

Protecting Yourself from UV Lights

One of the most potent sources of energy is the sun with its ultraviolet rays penetrating every corner of our planet. It gives life to everything and it plays a critical role in the survival of humanity and other species. For us, human beings, it helps our body produce vitamin D which is important in …read in detail